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Fallen Dungeons is a grid-based dungeon crawler melding modern aesthetics and mechanics with old school game design

Taurial Folklore

Aldea Keep

On a remote peninsula a vast derelict Keep stands still and silent. Its sealed and impenetrable great gates have protected its secrets for decades. The people of Taurial talk of its imposing stature, its geographic isolation and the allure of its untold treasures. Located high on the cliffs the Keep is clearly visible from the surrounding waters. Unoccupied and dormant, its tattered banners still fly from the battlements harking back to a proud era for the once great stronghold. Tales of what lies behind the walls talk of a diabolical network of twisting tunnels that lead deep into the earth of the cliffs it rests on.

Fallen Dungeons Intro: Aldea Keep atop the cliffs with a ship approaching

The folklore surrounding the Keep has spread throughout the Kingdom. The brave and desperate have made attempts to reach the Keep via land through the abhorrent forest known as Blightwood.

None have returned.

Local trappers and huntsmen speculate that many fall prey to the inhabitants of the dark woods or wander too close to the local harpies that occupy the nearby crags. Either way the Keep remains secure and its secrets remain just that.

Fallen Dungeons Intro: Gallowsfall town seen from across a bay

After a chance meeting at the Slaughtered Orc tavern in the fishing town of Gallowsfall our adventurers start to hatch a plan to make their assault on the Keep. A mysterious old man named Logan wishes to return to the Keep but fears the lands that surround it, he requests that they join him on his expedition. His insistence and promise of fame and fortune sway the party.

The plan is a simple one, but only made possible by Logan's unique knowledge of both the surrounding waters and of the Keep itself. "Blightwood is indeed a formidable defense!", Logan starts, "No, we will charter a ship and navigate through the devilish waters of Ladons Heads. Once ashore we will make our way up through the cliffs and onto the lands that lay behind the Keep. You see, there exists a secreted postern long forgotten. That's the way in, that's our entrance to the fortress."

Fallen Dungeons Intro: The hidden postern seen through overgrown woods

Once breached the next great tale of Aldea Keep will begin to unfold ...

Game Features:

  • Explore the depths of the Keep and other environments. Intricately designed levels span huge spaces (up to 40x40 tiles).
  • Rune based spell systems. As your spellcasters gain experience from combat they will increase their knowledge of the arcane arts, becoming formidable allies as the adventure unfolds.
  • Medicines and potions can be crafted with materials found scattered throughout the world.
  • Traditional monster designs inspired by classic myths and legends make menacing foes.
  • Create your own party of four characters. Customise each member with your selection of race, class, gender and appearance.
  • Submerse yourself in a more believable world which uses real time physics to enhance the experience.
Fallen Dungeons Logan

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All images are from the current build of the game.

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